Congestion Lessons from the World Cup

While soccer fans across the globe have been captivated with the excitement of the World Cup during the last month, vendors of DPI-based technologies have been casting their focus there as well. I recently came across a number of different vendor reports and musings (from Arbor, Allot, and Sandvine) about the impact of World Cup […]

The Smell of Neutrality in the Air?

For most people, the arrival of summer means longer days, sunny vacations, and weekends spent around the barbecue. For telecommunications regulators, this summer has something else on the agenda: net neutrality. During the final two weeks of June, regulators in no less than four jurisdictions took major steps to address net neutrality in some fashion: […]

Singular Privacy Challenges of ISP DPI

DPI has been a hot topic in a number of different policy circles in recent years. In the privacy arena, ISPs’ use of DPI has drawn scathing criticism despite the fact that other kinds of service providers (like content delivery networks and web-based service providers) are capable of conducting content inspection. In a guest essay […]